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Measuring your caravan for an awning

Measuring caravan for an awning'What size awning do I need for my caravan' or 'How to measure my caravan for an awning' are probably the questions we get asked most often.

Let us help - tell us the Make, Model and Year of your caravan or motorhome and we can advise you on which size you need and all the Special Offers in that size

Just complete the form below for free, no obligation advice.

To measure your caravan yourself you will need a long tape measure, at least 10 metres (33ft) for most caravans, longer for some large models. An alternative is a long piece of 'non-stretchy' string or electrical cord.

You will need to start measuring from ground level in line with the slope of the caravan front - A (see dotted line on diagram above) then run the tape all the way along the awning channel and back to the ground at B - again in line with the slope of the front/back. This is the measurement you will require before looking for an awning.

Most new caravan manuals will also tell you what size is needed, but if you have an older caravan you may not have this information. But don't despair, we've been supplying caravan awnings for over 50 years so we usually have the information!

We are always happy to advise you.

Awning size advice - once we receive your request, we will reply by email with our Special Offers for the size required for your caravan

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