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Luna AirCamp 280 & 2020 Samoa

Eurovent Luna AirCamp
Luna Aircamp 280

The Luna Aircamp is designed for short stays and eliminates all the struggles with poles - inflate - relax!

So how does it work?

The traditional steel or alloy frame is replaced by an inflatable tube frame built into the awning. The inflatable frame is exceptionally wear resistant and it is almost completely air impermeable. Reinforced sleeves offer a high level of protection against puncturing. Each arch is inflated independently and can be easily replaced if necessary.

Luna AIrcamp 390
Luna Aircamp 390


Buy Eurovent Luna Aircamp 280 Luna AirCamp 280 - sold out. New model "Samoa 280" is now in stock at £596, in Blue/Grey INCLUDING delivery to most UK addresses

Buy Eurovent Luna Aircamp 390 Luna AirCamp 390 - sold out. New model "Samoa 390" is now in stock at £425, in Blue/Grey


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